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dr grimmDr. Lawrence Grimm is a chiropractor who has lived in Dallas since 1988. 
He graduated from SMU and Parker Chiropractic College here in Dallas. 
He is happily married and a father to two wonderful boys. 
Dr. Grimm enjoys fly-fishing, road cycling, running and reading. 
He is an accomplished martial artist with black belts in Juko-Kai
Karate-Jutsu, Toide-Jutsu and Ki-Jutsu.
Dr. Grimm has treated NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, NCAA, Olympic and World Masters
Swimming Championship athletes, as well as professionals in other sports
including cycling, triathlons and race-car driving.  Dr. Grimm has also
treated countless marathon runners and is highly regarded in the running
community for his successful results.

Dr. Grimm is certified in:

dr l cert light