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Orange County Drug Rehab Centers

A country-wide survey in 2017 revealed that substance addiction affected 19.7 million American adults in 2017. Receiving proper treatment at the right time is crucial to a successful recovery. Looking for Orange County drug rehab centers? Check out our treatment programs at Clear Life Recovery and contact us for more info.

How do you find a good drug rehab center?

A reputable drug rehab center should offer individualized treatment to its patients because no two substance addiction experiences are the same. Every patient deals with it differently and has different elements that help them recover. For example, some patients might respond better to individual counseling better than group counseling. Successful treatment programs should account for this.

Also, find a rehab center that offers several treatment programs with different settings, such as residential and outpatient treatment programs. This way, you can have a continuous recovery journey. We offer detox, residential, outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs to suit a variety of patient needs.

You can find plenty of good drug rehab centers online. Before committing to anything, it’s best to call up and ask them for more details about their programs. You should ask questions about the credentials of the medical professionals and therapists on the programs. You should ask about what types of therapy they offer, and what their after-care treatment is like.

What to expect in substance abuse recovery treatment

There are three vital stages in the recovery process of substance abuse: detoxing, therapy, and after-care. The detox process involves fully getting rid of the substance from the patient’s system under medical supervision. At this stage, patients experience withdrawal symptoms and need around the clock medical supervision to deal with the physical symptoms.

You should inquire whether a rehab center offers to detox because a lot of them don’t. They expect patients to fully detox before joining their treatment programs. If you’re searching for Orange County drug rehab centers that offer detox services, contact us. Once detoxing is complete, patients undergo a structured program of intensive therapy to recover from addiction.

This includes individual therapy with a licensed professional and includes therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Patients also receive group counseling. The goal of the therapy sessions is to identify their potential triggers and develop strategies to cope with them. Aftercare programs help patients adjust to their daily lives without relapsing once they complete their treatment.

What are some common withdrawal symptoms of drugs?

The type and severity of addiction heavily influence the type of withdrawal symptoms patients will experience. The more severe their addiction, the worse the withdrawal symptoms will be, and they will need greater medical supervision during detoxification. Common withdrawal symptoms include seizures, muscle spasms, and difficulty coordinating their muscles and body.

Digestive problems like nausea and diarrhea are also quite common. There will be a lot of trembling and heavy sweating. Behavioral changes, such as intense mood swings, anger, hallucination, and paranoia, are common as well.

Clear Life Recovery is one of Orange County drug rehab centers that offer comprehensive drub abuse treatment, which includes detoxing. We provide both residential and outpatient programs.

Orange County Drug Rehab Centers

Clear Life Recovery

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