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Residential Drug Treatment Programs Pennsylvania

Residential Drug Treatment Programs Pennsylvania

Residential Drug Treatment programs Pennsylvania is also called inpatient treatment. Most addicts begin using drugs as a social statement. It then escalates to the use of harder drugs and more frequent usage. The person will soon be entirely dependent and unable to function without the drugs. When this happens, they will need inpatient drug rehab or Residential Care to get sober.

This treatment begins with detox and withdrawals. These withdrawals can only be accomplished safely in a medically controlled environment with experienced doctors and nurses watching around the clock. This stage of treatment usually takes one to two weeks. It is the most intense stage of treatment the patient will go through.

After the detox is completed and the patient is free from all the drugs and other chemicals in the body, the patient can then be moved to one of the Residential Drug Treatment programs in Pennsylvania. It is in this program that the counseling and group therapy can begin. In these sessions, you will start to understand what triggers the desire for drugs and how to overcome these cravings. You will also begin to learn how to live drug-free. Since the drugs have controlled your life since you became addicted there will be a lot to overcome. One of the most important things you will learn is how to prevent relapse.

In the group sessions, you will establish new friendships and share experiences with the other members of the group. Through this sharing each other’s experiences and how they were overcome, you can develop a strategy for when you are faced with those obstacles.

After the residential treatment stage, you may then be able to move to a partial hospitalization program or PHP. In this program, you will be in the hospital receiving counseling and group therapy just as you did before. The only difference is that at night time you will be able to live at home or in a sober house. Throughout your entire recovery, you may be given medication to help make things easier. The length of time the inpatient stay and your PHP is about 30to 90 days. This is dependent upon several factors. One factor is the severity of your addiction. Another Factor would be the amount of progress you have been able to make in your recovery.

After you can complete your partial hospitalization program, then you will be ready for outpatient care. The first step and Outpatient Care is pretty intense. You will probably see a counselor once a week plus attend a group meeting once a week. As you progress and are able the counseling sessions and group therapy sessions will get farther apart. You may be in Outpatient Therapy for a quite a Time. Some people can complete their therapy in about six months. However, there are a few who will need this therapy for the remainder of their life. Your doctor will determine the length of time. Drug rehab and treatment it’s hard work and takes time. Here at Montco Recovery, we understand this, but in the end, it is well worth it.

Residential Drug Treatment Programs Pennsylvania